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Stringee Call REST API Overview

Call REST API allows you to control ongoing or ended calls from Your Server by HTTP protocol.

All requests must be authenticated by passing access_token (generated by JWT standard), for more detail: REST API Authentication.

API Description Actions on ongoing calls
Call log Get call log No
Download recorded file Get call record No
Make outbound calls Make an outbound call (server-to-phone)
Put actions (SCCO) Put SCCO actions in an ongoing call YES
Stop a call Stop an ongoing call YES
Greeting file management When you use Play Action in SCCO, you must set "fileName" with the name of the uploaded WAV/MP3 file. The following APIs allow you to upload files, manage uploaded files.
Transfer Transfer an ongoing call to other user
Add participant (Conference call) Connect a participant to an ongoing call YES
Send custom message to user Send a message to user No
Force the video floor for a member Force the video floor for a member Yes