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Transfer call


HTTP method: POST

Content-Type: application/json

Custom HTTP header: Name: X-STRINGEE-AUTH Value: JSON web token (JWT), see Authentication

POST data (body):

    "callId": "CALL_ID",
    "to": {
        "type": "internal",
        "number": "AGENT_STRINGEE_USER_ID",
        "alias": "AGENT_STRINGEE_USER_ID"
    "transferType": "blind"
Field Type Require Default Description
callId String Yes The ID of the Call you want to transfer
to type String Yes "internal" or "external"
to number String Yes Agent's user ID if type is "internal" or Agent's phone number if type is "external"
transferType String No blind "blind" or "attended".
A blind transfer is when you transfer the caller to a ring group or another agent without speaking to the new agent first.
An attended transfer is a transfer where before actually transferring to the destination, the call is put on hold and another call is initiated to confirm whether the end destination actually wants to take the call or not. These two calls can then merged together.


    "r": 0,
    "msg": "",
    "data": {}