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Stringee call integrates with HubSpot

1. Integration setting:

Note: Account HubSpot has a SuperAdmin role

In MarketPlace HubSpot search app “Stringee Phone”

Click Install app

After integration success, setting call in PCC:

In create Agent > Click checkbox Integrate with CRM:


- CRM type: HubSpot

- Agent's CRM email/id: Is email account in HubSpot (email mapping between agent PCC and account HubSpot)

- Agent's password: Is password login in softphone

Setting softphone:
Access the Chrome web store in Chrome, search the app “Stringee Phone CRM” and install

Link app:

Note: App supporting install in Chrome, Coc Coc, Microsoft Edge (Don`t support in Opera and Safari)


Login softphone:
- Agents ID is ID agent:

- Password is Agents password in agent detail:


2. Features: