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StringeeCallListener class

Represents the event from the StringeeCall.



Create a new StringeeCallListener.


onChangeSignalingState: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall, signalingState: SignalingState, reason: string, sipCode: number, sipReason: string) => void

Invoked when the call's signaling state changes.

onChangeMediaState: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall, mediaState: MediaState, description: string) => void

Invoked when the call's media state changes.

onReceiveCallInfo: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall, callInfo: string) => void

Invoked when receive call info.

onReceiveDtmfDigit: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall, dtmf: string) => void

Invoked when the call receives a DTMF.

onHandleOnAnotherDevice: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall, signalingState: SignalingState, reason: string) => void

Invoked when an incoming call is handle on another device.

onReceiveLocalStream: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall) => void

Invoked when local stream in video call is ready to play.

onReceiveRemoteStream: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall) => void

Invoked when remote stream in video call is ready to play.

onAudioDeviceChange: (stringeeCall: StringeeCall, selectedAudioDevice: AudioDevice, availableAudioDevices: Array<AudioDevice>) => void

Invoked when the current audio device changes in android.