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NewMessageInfo class

Represents the message for creating a new message.


 convId: string,
 type: number,
 message: {
  content: string,
  photo: {filePath: string, thumbnail: string, ratio: number},
  video: {filePath: string, thumbnail: string, ratio: number, duration: number},
  audio: {filePath: string, duration: number},
  file: {filePath: string, filename: string, length: number},
  location: {lat: number, lon: number},
  contact: {vcard: string},
  sticker: {category: string, name: string}

Create a new NewMessageInfo.


convId: string

It's the unique identifier of the conversation on Stringee system.

type: number

It's type of the message:

message: {}

It's detail of the message. For each message type, pass in the corresponding parameter: