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StringeeCall class

Represents a voice, video call. Used to capture an audio-video stream from the device's microphone and camera for use to make or answer a call.


StringeeCall(stringeeClient: StringeeClient, from: string, to: string)

Create a new StringeeCall.


callId: string

It's the unique identifier of the call on Stringee system.

serial: number

This property is only available on Ios. When you use the StringeeX API, the call can be routed to the client multiple times. This property indicates the number of times the call is being routed.

from: string

It's the Caller's identifier.

fromAlias: string

It's the Caller's alias.

to: string

It's the Callee's identifier.

toAlias: string

It's the Callee's alias.

callType: CallType

It's type of call

isVideoCall: boolean

Whether the call is a video call:

customData: string

It's custom data received from other user.

videoResolution: VideoResolution

It's resolution of local stream.

uuid: string

It's the unique identifier of the call.


setListener(stringeeCallListener: StringeeCallListener): void

Set listener for StringeeCall.

makeCall(): Promise<void>

Make a call.

initAnswer(): Promise<void>

Initializes an answer. Must be called before answering a call.

answer(): Promise<void>

Answers a call.

hangup(): Promise<void>

Terminates a call.

reject(): Promise<void>

Reject a call.

sendDtmf(dtmf: string): Promise<void>

Sends a DTMF code.

sendCallInfo(callInfo: string): Promise<void>

Sends any data to other clients.

getCallStats(): Promise<string>

Get the call's statistics. If successful return statistics in JSON string.

switchCamera(): Promise<void>

Switches the device's camera. By default, Stringee SDK uses the front camera.

enableVideo(enabled: boolean): Promise<void>

Enables or disables the local stream.

mute(mute: boolean): Promise<void>

Toggle audio on or off.

setSpeakerphoneOn(on: boolean): Promise<void>

Set the audio output mode. If you want to use the device loudspeaker for playing audio, call the setSpeakerphoneOn(true) method. Otherwise, call the setSpeakerphoneOn(false) method to use headset speaker for playing audio.

resumeVideo(): Promise<void>

This method is only available on Android. When lost local stream then call resumeVideo to resume local stream in Android.

setAutoSendTrackMediaStateChangeEvent(autoSendTrackMediaStateChangeEvent: boolean): Promise<void>

Set auto send track media state change to another client.

generateUUID(): Promise<void>

Generate uuid of the call to display callkeep in ios.