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StringeeX REST API Overview

StringeeX API allows you to manage Company, Contact, Ticket, Ticket Note, Fields, Field value, Campaign, Portal, Account, Report, Agent, Call, Queue, Number, PCC Config, Chat, SMS.

All requests must be authenticated by passing access_token or headers (generated by JWT standard), for more detail: API StringeeX Authentication.

API Description
Company management Company management (Create/Edit/Delete/View the list of Companies)
Contact management Contact management (Create/Edit/Delete/View the list of Contacts)
Ticket management Ticket management (Create/Edit/Delete/View the list of Tickets)
Ticket note management Ticket note management (Create/Edit/Delete/View the list of Ticket notes)
Field management Field management (Create/Edit/Delete/View the list of Fields)
Field value management Field value management (Create/Edit/Delete/View the list of Field values)
Agent management Agent value management (Realtime agent/ Agent online)
Call management Call value management (Realtime/ Transfer/ Stop/ Add participant to calls/ Download records/ Upload greeting file)
Queue management Queue value management (Realtime queue)
Number management Queue value management (Buy a number/ List numbers in store)
PCC config PCC config management (Call to all API PCC)
Report management Report Call/ Agent/ Ticket/ Chat/ SMS/ ...
Campaign management Agent/ Customer/ Call/ Survey of Campaign ...
SMS management Send SMS