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Stringee Programmable Contact Center (PCC) REST API Overview

Stringee Programmable Contact Center API

PCC REST API allows you to manage Number, Agent, Queue, Group, IVR, Routing from Your Server by HTTP protocol.

All requests must be authenticated by passing access_token (generated by JWT standard), for more detail: REST API Authentication.

API Description
IVR tree management IVR tree management (Create/Edit/Delete/View the list of IVR trees)
IVR tree node management Manage nodes of an IVR tree (Create/Edit/Delete/View nodes)
IVR node keypress management Manage keys press of an IVR node(Create/Edit/Delete/View keys, manage a key's action)
Agent management Manage agents (Create/Edit/Delete/View agents)
Group management Manage groups (Create/Edit/Delete/View groups)
Manage agents in a group Manage agents in a group (Create/Edit/Delete/View agents in a group)
Queue management Manage queues (Create/Edit/Delete/View queues, manage a queue's attributes)
Group routing Manage support groups of a queue (Create/Edit/Delete/View groups which callers in the queue will be routed to)
Number management Manage numbers (Create/Edit/Delete/View numbers, manage how to route callers to IVRs or queues)