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In order to connect to Stringee Server, 3-parties authentication is required as described here: Client authentication

For testing purpose, go to Dashboard -> Tools -> Generate Access token and generates an access_token. In production, the access_token should be generated by your server, sample code generates access token here:

  1. Add a line to import the Stringee library:
#import <Stringee/Stringee.h>
  1. Implements the StringeeConnectionDelegate protocol

In .h file

@interface ViewController : UIViewController <StringeeConnectionDelegate>

@property(strong, nonatomic) StringeeClient * stringeeClient;


In .m file

- (void)requestAccessToken:(StringeeClient *)stringeeClient {

- (void)didConnect:(StringeeClient *)stringeeClient isReconnecting:(BOOL)isReconnecting {
    NSLog(@"Successfully connected to Stringee Server, user ID: %@", stringeeClient.userId);

- (void)didDisConnect:(StringeeClient *)stringeeClient isReconnecting:(BOOL)isReconnecting {

- (void)didFailWithError:(StringeeClient *)stringeeClient code:(int)code message:(NSString *)message {
    NSLog(@"Failed connection to Stringee Server with error: %@", message);
  1. Start connecting
NSString* accessToken = @"...";

self.stringeeClient = [[StringeeClient alloc] initWithConnectionDelegate:self];
[self.stringeeClient connectWithAccessToken:accessToken];