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Stringee Video Conference API Overview

Your client application will use Stringee Video Conference SDKs for Android, iOS or JavaScript to connect to a Room (on Stringee Server) and publish audio and video tracks.

Media connections will be routed through Stringee's global media server infrastructure in all cases. You control video presentation and behavior in your client-side code.

Client authentication

In order to using Stringee Video Conference API, your app must be authenticated.

The authentication process is implemented between: Your App, Your Server and Stringee Server. It ensures the system's security (secret key is not stored on the client) and allows Your Server to block or unblock any client whenever you want.

Authentication process is described here:

How Stringee Video Conference works

You don't need to be a video expert to build a world-class video application.

Stringee video conference works

  1. Client App calls the makeRoom() method to create a room on Stringee Server.

  2. After the room is created, Stringee Server returns a room ID.

  3. Client App sends room ID to Your Server

  4. Your Server sends room ID to the room's participants (for example: Client App 2)

  5. Client App 2 calls the joinRoom(roomId) method to join the room.

  6. Client App calls the publish(StringeeStream) to publish a stream to Stringee Server.

  7. Client App calls the subscribe(Stringeestream) to subscribe the other client's stream.

  8. Client App 2 calls the publish(StringeeStream) to publish a stream to Stringee Server.

  9. Client App 2 calls the subscribe(StringeeStream) to subscribe the other's stream.