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These are the React native module classes and enums.

Class Description
StringeeClient Represents the Stringee client.
StringeeClientListener Represents the event from the StringeeClient.
StringeeServerAddress Represents the Stringee server address.
StringeeCall Represents the voice, video call.
StringeeCallListener Represents the event from the StringeeCall.
StringeeCall2 Represents the voice, video call.
StringeeCall2Listener Represents the event from the StringeeCall2.
StringeeVideoView Component for rendering the video streams.
Conversation Represents the conversation.
ConversationInfo Represents the info of conversation for updating conversation.
ConversationOption Represents the options to create the conversation.
Message Represents the message.
User Represents the participant in conversation.
ChatRequest Represents the chat request.
LiveChatTicketParam Represents the param for creating live chat ticket.
NewMessageInfo Represents the message for creating a new message.
UserInfo Represents the info of user for updating user.
StringeeError Represents the warning error from Stringee.
StringeeVideoTrack Represents a video track.
StringeeRoomUser Represents a user in room.
Enum Description
SignalingState State of the signaling.
MediaState State of the media.
AudioDevice Type of the audio device.
CallType Type of the call.
StringeeVideoScalingType Type of scaling.
VideoResolution Resolution of stream.
ObjectType Chat object type.
ChangeType Chat change type.
MediaType Type of the media.
TrackType Type of the video track.