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Call log


HTTP method: GET

Custom HTTP GET header: Name: X-STRINGEE-AUTH Value: JSON web token (JWT), see REST API Authentication

GET params:

Field Type Require Description
id String No ID of call
from_number String No From number
to_number String No To number
from_user_id String No From UserID
from_date Int No From date (Format timestamp in second. Sample: 1529141178)
to_date Int No To date (Format timestamp in second. Sample: 1529141178)
page Int No Default page=1
limit Int No Default limit=100; max=100

Sample request

a) Get calls with default

X-STRINGEE-AUTH: json_web_token

b) Get calls with params

X-STRINGEE-AUTH: json_web_token

Sample response

    "r": 0,
    "message": "Load call(s) success",
    "data": {
        "totalCalls": "28",
        "totalPages": 1,
        "currentPage": 1,
        "limit": 100,
        "calls": [
                "id": "call-vn-1-Y8JUX5TVSZ-1530721756050",
                "project_id": "225",
                "from_user_id": null,
                "from_number": "84901701xxx",
                "to_number": "USER_ID",
                "from_alias": "",
                "from_internal": 0,
                "to_internal": 1,
                "start_time": 1531458029710,
                "answer_time": 0,
                "stop_time": 1531458075819,
                "amount": "0.00000",
                "created": 1531458075,
                "recorded": 0,
                "uuid": "a814fcea-8659-11e8-9a18-5d6dd4e28e50",
                "project_name": "Stringee ICC",
                "start_time_datetime": "2018/07/13, 12:00:29",
                "answer_time_datetime": "1970/01/01, 08:00:00",
                "stop_time_datetime": "2018/07/13, 12:01:15",
                "created_datetime": "2018/07/13, 12:01:15"