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Call Error Code

These are Call Error Codes

Error Code Message Error Code Description
NOT_INIT -1 Not Init
SUCCESS 0 Success
ANSWER_URL_EMPTY 1 Answer Url Empty
TO_TYPE_IS_NOT_INTERNAL_OR_EXTERNAL 3 To Type Is Not Internal Or External
FROM_NUMBER_NOT_FOUND 4 From Number Not Found
FROM_NUMBER_NOT_BELONG_YOUR_ACCOUNT 5 From Number Not Belong Your Account
SIP_TRUNK_NOT_FOUND 6 Sip Trunk Not Found
SIP_TRUNK_NOT_BELONG_YOUR_ACCOUNT 7 Sip Trunk Not Belong Your Account
NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY 8 Not Enough Money
UNKNOW_ERROR_1 9 Connect To Charging Server Error
FROM_NUMBER_OR_TO_NUMBER_INVALID_FORMAT 10 From Number Or To Number Invalid Format
CALL_NOT_ALLOWED_BY_YOUR_SERVER 11 Call Not Allowed By Your Server
MAX_CONCURRENT_CALL 12 Max Concurrent Call
WAIT_TEXT_TO_SPEECH 13 Wait Text To Speech
TO_NUMBER_INVALID 14 To Number Invalid
FROM_NUMBER_NOT_BELONG_YOUR_PROJECT 15 From Number Not Belong Your Project
NOT_ALLOW_CHAT_USER 16 Not Allow Chat User
NOT_ALLOW_CALLOUT 17 Not Allow Callout
REQUEST_ANSWER_URL_ERROR 18 Request Answer Url Error
ACCOUNT_LOCKED 19 Account Locked
CREATE_PEER_CONNECTION_ERROR 1001 Create peer connection error
GET_USER_MEDIA_ERROR 1000 Don’t have permission access Camera /Mic or WebRTC not support