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@interface StringeeRoomStream : NSObject

Represents a media stream in a room. Ech participant can publish one or multiple media streams and subscribe to view other participants' streams.


The identification of a participant who publishes the stream.

@property (strong, nonatomic, readonly) NSString *userId;

The identification of the stream, genertated by Stringee server.

@property (strong, nonatomic, readonly) NSString *streamId;

The view in which the local video renders to. For more information, see StringeeLocalVideoView

@property (strong, nonatomic, readonly) StringeeLocalVideoView *localVideoView;

The view in which the remote video renders to. For more information, see StringeeRemoteVideoView

@property (strong, nonatomic, readonly) StringeeRemoteVideoView *remoteVideoView;
- initLocalStreamWithConfig:

Initializes a stream with configurations.

- (instancetype)initLocalStreamWithConfig:(StringeeRoomStreamConfig *)config;
- switchCamera

Switches the device's camera.

- (void)switchCamera;
- mute:

Toggles audio on or off:
- mute = YES toggles audio off.
- mute = NO toggles audio on.

- (void)mute:(BOOL)mute;
- turnOnCammera:

Enables or disables the local video:
- isOn = YES enables video.
- isOn = NO disables video.

- (void)turnOnCammera:(BOOL)isOn;
- autoOrientationOfLocalVideoViewWithSize:withTransitionCoordinator:

Implements auto-orientation support.

- (void)autoOrientationOfLocalVideoViewWithSize:(CGSize)size withTransitionCoordinator:(id)coordinator;